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We're a community of future astronaut hopefuls supporting each other on our paths to space.

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In this new era of commercial spaceflight, now is your opportunity to become off-worldly.

Becoming Off-Worldly Together is:

  • A platform where you can learn from and train with spaceflight experts
  • A safe environment where you can be yourself as you pursue your astronaut goals
  • A place where you will find your future spaceflight crewmates!

"It's a terrific place, open and fully inclusive. It's like a space blanket! Warm and cozy. " - Terry

"What a great community this is. I learn about so many other resources that I would never find out about! It is a safe and inspirational way to keep my dream of going to space alive!" - Donna

How To Prepare To Become An Astronaut

By joining the community and becoming an Off-Worlder, you receive:
  • A large database of spaceflight preparation resources and news to get you up to speed on the latest
  • Exclusive monthly webinars by spaceflight professional Laura Forczyk
  • A chance to speak with experts in the astronaut training and analog community during monthly webinars
  • Weekly community live group chats, a database of inspiring spaceflight quotes, and a supportive community to keep you motivated and knowing that you belong

Learn From Our Monthly Guest Speakers

You have the opportunity to chat with and ask questions of astronaut trainers and spaceflight professionals. The recordings are available to you in the archive. Previous speakers include representatives from:

  • Gravitics
  • Orbite
  • NASTAR Center
  • The Mars Society
  • Association of Spaceflight Professionals
  • AstroAccess
  • Astronautin
  • Space Training Academy
  • Inner Space Training

Check out our new YouTube channel where you'll be able to watch the latest guest speaker webinars!

Why You Should Join Us

Want to become an astronaut? New opportunities to travel off-world are growing. Train with guidance from experienced astronauts and commercial spaceflight pioneers to prepare for your personal path to space.

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