Want to become an astronaut? Transform yourself. Get ready!

We're a positive community of future astronaut hopefuls preparing our paths to spaceflight together.

Get inspired!

In this new era of commercial spaceflight, now is our opportunity to become off-worldly.

Together, you and I will create the future we want to see in space by encouraging each other to pursue our passions and leading the conversations surrounding the future of human spaceflight.

This new community of like-minded, forward-thinking future astronaut hopefuls and fans is a safe, inclusive space where we can prepare our personal paths to spaceflight together through guidance, encouragement, networking, and friendship. 

We keep each other apprised of the latest news in human spaceflight as we learn about each other and share stories of how we're preparing for our turn to fly. As the community grows, we may be able to host regional events so we can meet together as friends, whether at a launch or for lunch.

Becoming Off-Worldly Together is:

  • A social media network
  • A support group
  • A group learning experience
  • A place where you will find your future spaceflight crewmates! 

Participate as much or as little as you'd like. Be a leader or a lurker. Whatever your style, we'd love for you to join us!

"It's a terrific place, open and fully inclusive. It's like a space blanket! Warm and cozy. " - Terry, community member

The Latest on the Blog

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Community access offers insights based on research from the newly published book, Becoming Off-Worldly, by me, Laura Forczyk. This work contains interviews and perspectives from experienced government and private astronauts, future commercial fliers, commercial spaceflight pioneers, and spaceflight providers.

Buy your copy of Becoming Off-Worldly on paperback or eBook.

Reading the book is not a prerequisite to join. I look forward to sharing what I learned with all of you!

Sneak Peak Inside the Community

What You Can Expect Weekly

Astronaut Prep
Learn how to prepare and train for your spaceflight, right here on Earth.

Stellar Inspiration
Get inspired by a quote from an astronaut to motivate your pursuit of the stars.

Community Check-in
We celebrate and support each other with whatever is going on in our lives in this safe space to share.

Spaceflight Solutions
We'll dive into a particular problem and dig into potential solutions or ways to approach the problem.

Live Community Chat
Get to know your fellow community members in 45 minute group text chats.

Video Reflection
I record a short video for you all to reflect upon during the week.

Guest Speaker
We'll come together for live Microsoft Teams chats with a guest speaker. Videos are archived for you to enjoy whenever you'd like.

Monthly Guest Speakers

January 2023 speaker coming soon!

Monthly Themes

Why You Should Join Us

Want to become an astronaut? New opportunities to travel off-world are growing. Together, with guidance from experienced astronauts and commercial spaceflight pioneers, we will learn and encourage each other on our personal paths to space.

Community access includes:

  • A global membership of like-minded astronaut hopefuls to learn from, network with, and befriend
  • Polls and questions to get you thinking, share your opinion, and learn from others
  • Spaceflight Solutions blog discussions where we ponder an open-ended topic
  • Weekly video reflections and astronaut quotes to inspire you
  • Human spaceflight current news and resource library
  • Space-related citizen science opportunities
  • Weekly live chats
  • Monthly guest speakers who you can interact with live and a video archive of past speakers

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